ROS overview 16

I studied about ROS.
I learned 16 things.

1: ROS, its name include “OS”, but it’s middleware.
2: ROS is the most powerful middleware now.
3: It’s often used on ubuntu.
4: ROS2 is more secure than ROS1.
5: ROS1 has more documentation.
6: If you want to prototype, ROS1 is better.
7: If you want to make a solid product, you should use ROS2.
8: ROS1 and ROS2 are not interchangeable and need to be bridged.
9: Communication between nodes is done in Publish and Subscribe format: Publish (1 sensor) => Subscribe (n nodes).
10: Using a simulator called gazebo, we can simulate the robot without the actual robot. (It can handle a variety of sensing data)
11: Visualization is possible with rviz.
12: AWS RoboMaker is used to link IoT devices.
13: If you record the simulation with rosbag while it is running, you can repeat the simulation without repeating the operation.
14: Can be used with Unity. It can also be used with car simulators such as carla.
15: The simulator model is written in xml etc.
16: Can be connected to Roomba (using drivers for ROS), PS4 controller, etc.

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